Fran's Marguerite Torte

Fran's Marguerite Torte

The Marguerite was named for Fran’s mother, who would show up to

Fran's Tropicale Coconut Roll

Fran's Tropicale Coconut Roll

Fran made an important discovery back at her original store. She found

Fran's Dark-Chocolate Truffle Filling

When it comes to chocolate, you can’t have too much of a

Fran's Prince Torte Layers

A classic from the earliest days of the bake shop, this quintessential

Dylan’s Birthday Cake

If you want a cake to be loved, set aside the fruits,

White-Chocolate Whipped Cream

Chocolate helps the cream hold its shape longer without weeping, in addition

La Reverie

Fran's La Rêverie

When Fran’s husband, Peter, who claims not to be a chocoholic, bit

Fran's Writing Chocolate

Ingredients 2 ounces white, milk, or dark chocolate, roughly chopped 2 teaspoons

Fran's Chocolate Profiteroles

Nothing says decadence like ice cream-filled chocolate cream puffs. These puffs stay

Fran's Chocolat au Chocolat Ice Cream

Fran’s inspiration for the ice creams she used to sell in her

Fran's Key Lime White-Chocolate Tart

White chocolate enriches a classic lime curd, elevating it to an even

Fran's Reine Torte

The Reine, one of the building blocks of Fran’s first pastry ship,