Fran's Gold Bar Brownies

As demand started to increase for our first adult candy bar, the

Fran's Sugar Tart Crust

This easy-to-handle French tart dough is as simple as it is superb.

Fran's Truffle Brownies

If you agree with most children that nuts just get in the

Fran's Marquis au Chocolat

The Marquis, a perfectly smooth, dense loaf of chilled bittersweet mousse

Fran's White Chocolate Coconut Cream Bars

Fran was so fond of traditional layered cookies like lemon bars and

Fran's White Port Sparkling Cocktails

Dry White Port Spritzer A crisp and refreshing cocktail, the Dry White

Fran's L’Etoile White Chocolate Cake

After her professional pastry training came to an end, Fran desired something

Fran's Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Experimenting with classic vanilla custard with a burnt sugar crust gave Fran

Fran's Dessert Fondue

Prepare small plates of chopped fruit, cookies, and pound cake and serve

Fran's Brandied Cherries

A delicious addition to tortes, ice creams, champagne and cocktails, or enjoyed

Fran's Ice Cream Sundae

When the days are long and temperatures at their peak, indulge with

Fran's Torte L'Orange

As soon as you cut a slice of L’Orange, the room fills