Fran’s Chocolate Soda

Fran learned her soda-making technique at her first job at the Creamland Ice Creamery in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. At this gleaming soda fountain of the fifties, she spent her summer weekends mastering the art of sodas, sundaes, milkshakes—the works. What a dream job!

This classic soda remains a great summertime refreshment, but if you feel like branching out, try substituting coffee ice cream, or combine our Caramel Sauce with chocolate ice cream, or our Raspberry Sauce with vanilla ice cream or raspberry sorbet.  The sky’s the limit!

Makes 1 serving


  • 3 tablespoons Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • 3 scoops best-quality vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop softened
  • Plain sparkling or carbonated soda


  1. In a tall glass, mix the chocolate sauce and the 1 scoop of softened ice cream with a spoon to make a paste.
  2. Pour in sparkling water until the glass is half full and mix.
  3. Add the remaining 2 scoops of hard ice cream until the soda level is 1 inch from the rim.
  4. For those great soda-fountain bubbles, drizzle in additional sparkling water from 3 inches above the glass.

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