Fran's Notes - Palermo Bar

Palermo Bars

We are pleased to announce the return of the Palermo Bar. The rich and


Ice Cream Sundae

When the days are long and temperatures at their peak, indulge with


Weddings Are for Celebrating

The nuptial season is upon us and we love the opportunity to


Marquis au Chocolat

The Marquis, a perfectly smooth, dense loaf of chilled bittersweet mousse


Chocolate Milkshake

Today’s milkshakes are never quite as cold and thick as we prefer.


Raspberry Italian Soda

In the heat of summer, one of our favorite beverages to indulge


Delectable News

We were thrilled when Allrecipes sat down with our founder Fran Bigelow to discuss how we make some of our favorite fall time treats.


Truffle Brownies

If you agree with most children that nuts just get in the


Fran’s Dessert Sauces are now Fairtrade and Organic

We are happy to announce that our celebrated Dessert Sauces are now certified Fairtrade and Organic.


Delightful Sauce Recipes

Rich and full of flavor, Fran’s Dessert Sauces are now better than