10 Tips to Having a Simply Beautiful Wedding

Simply put, we love weddings. And we are lucky to be a part of so many blissful celebrations. Throughout the years, we have seen how truly magical, enchanting, and delicious they can be, and—with a few tips and some deep breaths—how the planning process can even be fun!

Here are a few words of wisdom for planning the wedding you want, simply and beautifully.


Start With A Concept

Deciding on a theme early on will help immensely as you begin the journey of planning your wedding. While there are many options to choose from, one of our favorites—and one of the easiest—is to build on your favorite colors.  Other inspirations we love?

  • Celebrate a time or place that speaks to you as a couple
  • Express your shared styles
  • Capture the spirit of your wedding location
  • Let the season be your guide

Whatever you choose, selecting a theme will help you narrow other choices, making it easier and more fun to decide on the venue, invitations, wedding dress, flowers, menu, favors, tablescapes, music, cake, and other sweets… even the thank you notes.



Prioritize What’s Important

Looking at the list of all that could go into a wedding can be overwhelming. So take some time early on to discuss what matters most to the two of you. For travel buffs, this might be a fabulous destination location. If you’re epicureans, you might put food, drink, and favors at the top of your list. For the fashionistas, it might be all about The Dress or The Suit. Or maybe you love the idea of a low-key cookout with beer, wine, and line dancing with your closest family and friends. No matter what you choose, this is your day. Take a few moments to identify what will bring you the most happiness and write it down; this will be your compass as you navigate this wonderful journey.


Eliminate the “Shoulds”

Weddings can come with all sorts of expectations, traditions, and perfectionist obsessions. It’s easy to get caught up in these and spend your time and money—and the big day—trying to live up to others’ ideas of what your wedding “should” be. But remember: this is your day, and you can do it your way. It’s okay if the bride doesn’t want to wear a garter or throw her bouquet, the groom wants his sister as his best man, or the couple wants pie (or tiers of salted caramels!) instead of cake. Focus on the things that matter to you as a couple, and don’t feel obligated to follow traditions that don’t ring true to you.


When It Pays To Go With The Pros

Whether you’re a DIY person or someone with two left thumbs, there are certain elements of your wedding that call for the assistance of a pro:

  • Hire the best photographer possible—and a professional videographer, if it’s in your budget.
  • A stellar caterer will make your life easier and your party sparkle.
  • Professional musicians or a pro DJ can get the party hoppin’, figuratively and literally. Professional DJs will have the latest and greatest music, respect your musical tastes, and often act as the event emcee. Need we say more?
  • Elegant favors will be remembered and treasured. Of course, we’re partial to our fine chocolate wedding favors, which are as beautiful as they are delicious!
  • Get thee to a wedding planner. We think these pros are so important that we’ve dedicated our closing comment to them; see tip #10.


Old School Meets New

We love mixing the classics with innovative ways of doing things and are thrilled with the abundance of fabulous resources now available.

For their quick, efficient, and elegant presentation, consider electronic save the dates, invites, and announcements. Many services now offer a rich assortment of designs, and the simple process and RSVP tracking and calendaring systems are hard to beat.

Create a wedding website to share with family and friends and personalize it with information about the two of you and the plans for your big day. Some key information to include:

  • Wedding day details: Let guests know the day, time, and location of your upcoming nuptials
  • The story of how you met: Sharing your love story will be a special way guests can get to know you
  • Bios of your parents and the wedding party: Think of these as sweet pre-introductions for guests who haven’t yet met your closest family and friends
  • Photos: This is the perfect place to share your great engagement photos

While we’re fans of all things digital, we love the tradition of the printed card—especially letterpress and engraved cards. Work with a print designer to create a logo and message with your very own style; then use this throughout your wedding, from invites, place cards, and menus, to favor hang tags and thank you notes.


Add Some Bubbles

It’s true. Bubbly beverages are simply the best and add instant sparkle to any celebration. Some of our favorite bubbly ideas include:

  • Elegant classics: You simply can’t go wrong when Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava are being poured
  • Party pleasers: Provide a selection of excellent craft beers to meet the variety of brew palates in your crowd
  • Creative sparklers: Unusual mixers, like our White Port Sparkling Cocktails, add a surprising touch to an already magical day
6-Bubbles pexels-photo-316891


Calligraphy Is Cool

We believe in the power of calligraphy and have been known to seek the skills of great calligraphers for the most important moments in our business life. If you can swing it, a professional calligrapher will add a flourish that takes your wedding communications to an entirely different level.


Plan To Enjoy ALL The Parties

This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? So many people want to celebrate the two of you, so it’s definitely time to enjoy a few parties!

  • Make plans as early as is realistic with family and friends who are hosting showers or other parties. This will help ensure that all of the celebrations in your honor are in sync and shared on everyone’s calendars.
  • Think about extending your wedding theme to the other festivities you have planned—such as your rehearsal dinner and wedding brunch—so that one event flows beautifully into the next.


Consider The Environment

Weddings don’t have to burden the environment. In fact, some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve seen are celebrations in harmony with nature. Many couples plan simple, minimalist, or nature-rich weddings with the environment in mind. For example, choose beautifully recycled paper for your invites and thank you cards. Give edible favors that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Choose caterers that feature organic and locally sourced foods. After the festivities are over, look for ways to recycle, reuse, or give away what you can—your trash could be someone else’s treasure.


Plan On A Wedding Planner

Last, but not least, we want to give special recognition to absolute lifesavers: the Wedding Planners. These folks know the ropes, the best vendors, and the most efficient way to create a stunning, memorable, and joyous occasion. They work magic, making the very most of a budget to meet your priorities and passions. And they’ll be the ones sweating the details and doing all the heavy lifting while you sit back, sip Champagne, and feel as radiant as you look.