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What to Serve with Chocolate Desserts

While many wines can be delicious when enjoyed alongside chocolate, some of our favorites are Port – a fortified dessert wine from Portugal – and Sparkling wines.  These luscious and party-perfect beverages provide a balance of sweetness, texture, and complexity that enhance the natural character and flavors of fine chocolate.

Below are some of our preferred wine and chocolate pairings, all of which are available at our Seattle area stores:

Porto Kopke 1996 Colheita

A fragrant bouquet of almonds, candied orange, and honey opens into a well balanced and flavorful tawny port, with a smooth texture and delicate, yet prolonged finish.

A perfect complement to our Gray Salt Caramels

Porto Kopke 2000 Colheita

This elegant tawny port has a complex yet approachable character, with flavors of dried fruits, rich spices, and toasted nuts leading to a long, velvety finish.

An excellent pairing with our Smoked Salt Caramels

Porto Kopke 10 Year Tawny

With rich amber hues and spicy aromas of dried fruit, wood, and butterscotch, this excellent tawny port is smooth and rounded in the mouth with flavors of toasted almonds, intense dried fruit, and accents of wild honey.

Beautifully paired with our Single Malt Whiskey and other Dark Chocolate Truffles

Porto Kopke 1985 Colheita

Opening with aromas of vanilla and toasted almonds, this beautifully colored tawny port is rich with flavors of buttery caramel, dried strawberry, dark roasted coffee, and pink grapefruit zest.

Magnificent when paired with our Double Chocolate Figs

La Jara Prosecco Rose

Jovial and delicate, the La Jara Rose is an organic sparkling wine from Italy’s northern regions. Aromas and flavors of wild strawberries and gentle raspberry echo the pink hues of this delicious wine, while hints of citrus brighten the way to a lovely and playful finish.

An outstanding pairing with our Orange Truffle


Visit our Seattle area stores for our complete selection of ports, sparkling wines, and barrel-aged beers, each having been expertly paired with our handcrafted chocolates.

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