Delightful Sauce Recipes

Rich and full of flavor, Fran’s Dessert Sauces are now better than ever. Make every day delicious with recipes using our new Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel sauces.

Fran's Raspberry Italian Soda

In the heat of summer, one of our favorite beverages to indulge

Fran's Chocolate Soda

Fran learned her soda-making technique at her first job at the Creamland

Fran's White Chocolate Raspberry Tart

In this easy spin on a Linzer torte, two layers of tart

Fran's Gold Bar Brownies

As demand started to increase for our first adult candy bar, the

Fran's Dessert Fondue

Fondue turns dessert into an interactive event. Kids of all ages love

Fran's Ice Cream Sundae

When the days are long and temperatures at their peak, indulge with

Fran's Chocolate Milkshake

Today’s milkshakes are never quite as cold and thick as we prefer.

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