Fran's Chocolate Profiteroles

Nothing says decadence like ice cream-filled chocolate cream puffs. These puffs stay

Fran's Chocolat au Chocolat Ice Cream

Fran’s inspiration for the ice creams she used to sell in her

Fran's Key Lime White-Chocolate Tart

White chocolate enriches a classic lime curd, elevating it to an even

Fran's Reine Torte

The Reine, one of the building blocks of Fran’s first pastry ship,

Fran's Chocolate Wafer Tart Crust

This crisp chocolate cookie crust can be used for just about any

Personalize Your Easter Celebrations

Calling Chocolate Bunny Lovers! Add a special touch to Easter celebrations with

Fran's Hot Drinking Chocolate

Hot chocolate as it was meant to be! Heat releases the flavor

Fran's Blanc et Noir Cake

With sharp corners and graphic design, this layer cake is an elegant

Fran's Dark-Chocolate Ganache Glaze

This traditional ganache gives cakes a lovely dark-chocolate velvet finish. The only

Fran's Catalog

Discover Fran's Signature Catalog.

Fran’s Hazelnut Diamonds

Our celebrated Hazelnut Diamonds are now available in Dark, Milk, and White

New Hazelnut Trios

The newest addition to our collection of chocolate covered nuts Whole, caramelized